Thursday, 31 July 2014

Some Instructions For YOU!

How To Make A Drinking Jar.

Prices: Tape $8, spray paint $13, straws $5, varnish $9.
Goal: to successfully make a drinking jar.
Equipment: a jar, nail, hammer, masking tape, spray paint, drinking straw.

Step 1- Clean the label and dry so the jar is completely clear.

Step 2- Nail a hole using your hammer into the centre of the lid.

Step 3- Create a pattern using the masking tape i.e spots, stripes

Step 4- Use your spray paint to give the jar some colour, spray the entire thing so when you peel off the masking tape your pattern is clean.

Step 5- Once dry, peel off the masking tape. This should reveal the pattern you made.

Step 6- Spray one full coat of varnish to keep the colour nice and bold.

Step 7- Wash your jar so it’s safe to drink out of.

Step 8- Add your straw through the hole made in the middle of the lid.

Step 9- Fill with your favourite beverage and enjoy!

I hope these steps helps you design your very own Drinking Jar!

Friday, 25 July 2014

My Mihi

This is a little slideshow I put together as it's Maori language week, we have all published and shared our Mihi's it's great because you learn lots more about people. To find out more about Maori language week click here

In The Dragons Den...

Yesterday our AKO group made a presentation to our princapal Mr. Chittiden. All groups went in with a smile and came out with loads of feed-back. He was ruthless! Here is our finacial slideshow to help explain our costs. however there is still lots we need to work on like our advertising costs and our marketing, yep we're defintifly in the BIZ alirght!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Here is some freezing photo's taken a few days ago. An indication to us that winter has finally settled in! Our temperature's getting as low as zero degree's!Looks like hot soups and milo for us.
Frost! on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Night At The Opera!

The Curtain rose as the stage roared to life, excitement was among the audience as the lights dimmed, we took our front row seats and got ready for the show of a life-time!

One of the biggest musicals of all time had finally arrived at my home town! So it didn't surprise me that every show was a sell out. We were right in front of the action - so close you could almost touch them! The theme song silenced the crowd as a famous mask moved in the shadows "In Sleep he sang to me..." the orchestra boomed in time to the music a firecracker set off and the famous lot 666 chandelier rose to the ceiling my stomach churned, was being this close to that horrid face such a good thing?

I was mesmerised by the stage presence and the story, I almost fell off my chair trying to find out what would happen next! Then the sweet-heart Raoul appeared into the smoke to save his beautiful and hypnotised Christine "Christine, Christine" the phantom called from behind the mirror.
Here comes my favourite part - the masquerade. At the top of the stairs then BANG he was back at the famous box 5, the crowd could feel the phantom's desire for him to be Christine's lover. I was very taken aback with how different the language and vocabulary used to be back when the opera was written.

We walked out side into the eleven o'clock darkness, nothing but a few flickering streetlights kept the city alive. For some reason I found myself looking around for that man in the mask...

Here's A Picture of me outside the showplace before we saw "The Phantom Of The Opera" This is definitely the highlight of my holidays!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Drama Queen!

The bell rang and my nerves were finally settled I cleared my throat, and began to speak.

After many hours of practise my hard work was finally worth something! Anyone that knows me knows that I am extremely obsessed with speech and especially drama (jazz hands!) I have been competing in competitions and exams since I was 10, and since then my love for the hobby has expanded and I have found myself getting pretty competitive about it from time to time!

If your wondering what a competition atmosphere is like well let me paint you a little picture...
There's a professional adjudicator which marks each piece performed, gives helpful tips and of course awards the prizes! Marks are scored on individual sheets for each contestant, what's good about this, is that you know what you have to improve on next time round. There are many different sections, something for everyone such as improvisation where you receive a topic and have 30 seconds to think of what you are going to do and then you have to act it out in under 3 minutes without any props or other people.  Then there's sight readings which is a piece taken from a book of the adjudicators choice, that the competitors get 1 minute to skim through and then read aloud to the audience.  Also there are various Poems recital's as well.

My favourite part would have to be seeing everyone get up there and giving it a go.  Some of us will be skilled in this area and some of us might just be trying to have a go, which I think is awesome because public speaking is not everybody's thing!

All in all I had a great time and I came away with a trophy, I was placed runner up in the under 14 years scholarship section (shopping for me!) and gained some placing's along the way.  I entered 8 different sections and was very proud of my efforts.  Now I get to enjoy the next 2 weeks off relaxing and catching up on my other hobbies.

Do you have any more questions?  Feel free to leave me a comment.
Thanks for reading!