Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Quite the shakesphere!

This week in class we have been working on poetry writing. This is my free flowing style poem about a kiwi summer, give me your feedback and be sure to tell me what you think of it!

Our Summer.


Jandles pearched against dry driftwood,

While cricket is played on the smooth shore.

Ice creams overrun our diets and it seems we only know Christmas songs.

The days are endless and the sea is a must,

Opening its arms to the many swimmers.

Fish and chips under the pohutukawa,

while young ones dream of Santa….

This is our summer.

By Emily Forsyth.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Boo's Big Day!

Phew! What a mouthful that title was! But there is no denying that my lamb will be sleeping just fine after one of the biggest Thursday's of my and his life.

The morning sun shone brightly as I nervously led my lamb through the busy chattering crowds and quietly gave Boo a pep talk "I believe in you" I whispered.
After many seconds passed the judges were gathering our competition into a circle and giving us some crucial instructions on what to do and finally... lambs began leading around and around the circle, but all of that didn't matter because right now it was my turn and I was determined we would try our best.
I came second for leading and third for calling. But the moment that I had been working towards were these words...
"Champion senior lamb for this year is...... Emily Forsyth!"

This event is the biggest fundraiser for our school.  Calf and Lamb day is definitely a sight to see. Many people from around the community help support this day and make it a huge success.  All of  the children, just like me have spent weeks training their animals to lead and call for lambs and many hours brushing their coats for the calves. We had a very successful cake and goods auction followed by a very exciting batons-up draw. As always the PTA BBQ was a hit with the crowd and the slushies' from the dairy cart went down a treat as it was such a hot day.

Have a look at the action packed fun in this slideshow.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

That's A Wrap!

My shaking legs race up the stairs eager to speak, my mouth is dry but the words immediately come rolling out like marbles. Why was I so worried?

All my practise and hard work for these competitions had finally been worth something I was awarded with some great placing's and three scholarships worth $65! I was definitely so proud of myself and I can't wait to do it all again next year. That night I flopped on my bed and thought to my self now the holidays REALLY begin!

Here is me with my certificates and scholarships from the Speech and drama Competitions.