Monday, 1 December 2014

10,000 views on the web!

As I'm writing this post with tingly fingers I can happily tell you the viewer and reader, that Emily's E-Mazing Smarticals has reached a mammoth effort of 10,000 page views!  I had no idea that when I started blogging for fun at my little digital school in Taranaki, New Zealand, that I would ever reach this many views!   I have to also thank YOU, because right now that's another view to add to the many others. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some valued feedback, I enjoy reading it very much.  

As the end of our school year is rapidly approaching, so too my blogs association with the school will end.  BUT DO NOT PANIC!!  As next year I begin a new adventure and become a high school blogger, I will be still sharing my journey with you and Emily's E-Mazing Smarticals will continue. I hope you will continue to stop by every now and again to see what I've been up to.

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my page.

Kind Regards

Sunday, 30 November 2014

New Zealand at it's best!

In the weekend....
Normally I would have said "chilled at home" but not this week! last weekend I had the privilege of seeing my country at it's best and I saw it all in a little place called Queenstown.

If you think that where I live I'm pretty lucky because of the mountain sea and nice weather wait till you see some of the pictures from Queenstown! Honestly it is amazing down there and I enjoyed myself so much. Weather your sailing the TSS Earnslaw or taking a ride on the fast and famous Shotover Jet your always having a good time. Overseas readers if your looking for a holiday destination, this it the place to unwind and enjoy. Here are some pictures of the action packed four days I had... BUT before you go please leave me a comment below telling me what you think is so beautiful about YOUR country as I would like to know also if you email me a picture of your country at it's best I will be sure to post it and show all my friends!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Once upon a DISCO!

A Magical bunch!
The lights were bright as we stepped in all of the students faces were masked in beautiful, wacky and weird costumes, DJ Bloor was spinning the newest and hottest tunes. It was perfect all we needed was some dancing and as long as the music kept playing we would just be fine!
But after many dangerous dance moves from our teachers! I began to realise that this was the last primary school disco that I would attend (sob, sob) So I picked up my dancing skills and had a crack at the limbo! Unfortunately I did NOT win (twist ending!) but I did have a very good time here are some photos to prove this.

Here is my question to you readers: Do you have a disco at your school? Do you dance your socks off?! If so please leave me a comment replying to this question.

The Seniors!

Thursday, 13 November 2014


"Senior blog of the year is... Emily!"
These words were all because of YOU, you the reader and fellow commenters each and every one of you have contributed to my success.
But what did I win and how and where did I win it? Let me explain...
The MOA awards was a plan crafted by 3 principals from Matapu, Auroa and Opunake (MOA) this awards were to be a night of celebrating digital excellence throughout the three schools. One of the categories was "Blog of the year" I won this senior category (as you know)

 and as soon as my hands grasped the clean glass I thought of you, the reader. There were MANY other categories but this was one I just had to enter. Once again thank you so very much and it may sound cheesy but I couldn't have done it without you!
Here are a couple pictures capturing the nights action, if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Every Tuesday many children from local schools are out on the beloved grass playing touch rugby, I as one of those children wanted to know if you, the reader knew how to play this fast moving game.
if the answer was no here's how...

Games are 12.5 minutes each way, with a one minute half time break.
Teams may have a minimum of four and a maximum of six players on the field, with unlimited substitutions. Maximum of twelve players per team.
Teams are mixed: Must have at least two people of each gender on the field at all times
An all female’s side will gain only one point per try.

Players must be 14 years or over.
No watches or other jewellery to be worn during play.
Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. No metal studs and no bare feet or jandels.


A touchdown will be awarded when a player places the ball on or over the score line prior to being touched.
A touch down will be worth one point for males and two points for females. The Dummy Half is not permitted to score touchdowns.


Teams may inter change players at any time.
Players coming on to the field may not do so until the player being replaced has come off.
Substitutions must only be made from the halfway line.

A change of possession shall occur when:
a) The ball goes to ground.
b) The Dummy Half is touched while in possession.
c)  The Dummy Half places the ball in the touch down zone.
d) The 6th Touch occurs.
e) The player in possession steps on or over the boundary of the field of play.
f) A roll ball is performed incorrectly.
g) A tap is performed incorrectly.
h) At a change of possession play is restarted with a roll ball.

A player may pass, knock, throw or otherwise deliver the ball to any onside player in the attacking team.
Passing forward is not permitted.
A knock on results in a turn-over.

The tap is taken by placing the ball on the ground on the mark, releasing the ball from both hands, tapping the ball with the foot a distance of not more than one metre and retrieving the ball cleanly.
Any player from the attacking team may take the tap.

When a player / team is penalised the non offending team shall restart play with a tap.
The tap is taken at the mark and the defending team must retire ten metres from the mark until the ball has been tapped.
Play restarts with a tap when the following infringements occur:

a) Forward pass.
b) Touch and pass.
c) Rollball performed off the mark.
d) Performing a rollball prior to a touch being made.
e) Defenders offside at the rollball (5 metres).
f) Defenders offside at the tap (10 metres).
g) Deliberately delaying play.
h) More than six players on the field.
i) Falsely claiming a touch.
j) Using more than the minimum force to make a touch.
k) Misconduct

A means of restarting play.
Players must perform the roll ball on the mark while facing their opponent’s defending score line and rolling the ball backwards between their legs a distance of not more that one metre.
No overstepping is allowed.
Players must not delay performing the roll ball.

Players from both teams are permitted to effect the touch.
A touch is contact with any part of the body, ball, clothing or hair.
A minimum of force is to be used at all times.
The team in possession is entitled to 6 touches.

A player is not to pass the ball after a touch has been made.

The dummy half is the person who picks up the ball after a team-mate has performed a roll ball.

After a touch has been made all defending players must retire 5 metres from the mark.
Defenders cannot move forward until the dummy half has touched the ball.
In a 5 metre play, the defending team must go behind the score line.
Once the ball is in play the defending team must all move out from behind the line.

If a player with the ball touches or crosses the sideline s/he is deemed to be out of play and a change of possession occurs.
Play restarts with a roll ball 5 metres in from where the player went out.
If a touch is made before the player goes out, the touch counts.

Players of the attacking team are not to obstruct defending players from attempting to effect a touch.
Defending players are not to obstruct / interfere with attacking players supporting the ball carrier.

Now I hope YOU can grab a ball and give this fun sport a go! Credit to for these official rules.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Once Upon A Time...

Spider man and Cinderella? Elsa and Greg Heffley?
These names and more were for the first time united at Auroa School for Book Character day and it was a definitely challenge trying to figure out who was who!

As I put on my long dress and LONG hair, I looked in the mirror and my eyes were deceived not even I could recognize myself! But as soon as I saw the rest of my siblings I was a bit speechless my sister was Tinker bell and my brother was wait for it..... A DRAGON!!
Now before I rush off to school I have a question for you all. Have you eyes ever deceived you? If so I'd love to know!

 P.S- "Let down your hair"

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Quite the shakesphere!

This week in class we have been working on poetry writing. This is my free flowing style poem about a kiwi summer, give me your feedback and be sure to tell me what you think of it!

Our Summer.


Jandles pearched against dry driftwood,

While cricket is played on the smooth shore.

Ice creams overrun our diets and it seems we only know Christmas songs.

The days are endless and the sea is a must,

Opening its arms to the many swimmers.

Fish and chips under the pohutukawa,

while young ones dream of Santa….

This is our summer.

By Emily Forsyth.