Thursday, 27 March 2014

40 minutes 0f Fitness!

Untitled from Emily on Vimeo.
This is a little video of our second basket-ball game for the season. We play every Tuesday night at our local sports centre, I love the fitness and fun of the game. This week we played the OPS Tigers (Opunake Primary School) It was a close won battle right up until the last second. Thanks for a good game OPS Tigers, you were awesome opponents and we look forward to meeting up with you again later on in the season. I Hope you enjoy the video!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Stacking Up Numbers!

As you can see by the picture i have just screen-shot i am stacking up a few page-views sitting at about 1795 at the moment and my other blog that I manage is Auroa School Student Council which has only been up for a few days and at the moment has 67 pageviews but only very few comments! It would be great if you could check it out and leave a comment here is a picture about what i've been up to on my the student council blog...

Monday, 24 March 2014

Kizoa Collage!

This Is My First Kizoa Collage What Do You Think?

Swimming Sports 2014!

Race Your Heart Out!

Today was not our ordinary day because we had swimming sports! It is such an exhilarating experience I had many different races but I especially enjoyed the 25m butterfly race even if I was the only girl! I also competed in the whanau relay which we WON! Also we had the student, parent, teacher relay where we came 2nd. There were many other races that I competed in, It was a hectic day and I know I'll be able to sleep well tonight!

Ready To Race!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Emily's E-mazing Top Read!

 Title: Am I The Princess Or The Frog?
 Author: Jim Benton
 Publisher: Scholastic

About the series:
Jamie Kelly, drama queen, best friend, daughter, regular middle-school student with edge! Join Jamie and her best friend Isabella as they tackle the problems of middle-school such as: best friends, worst friends, boyfriends, lunch ladies, math class and even the odd cute teacher once in a while! i have only read the first 3 books but i am hunting the library for more! the series are funny, light, easy-reads that are enjoyable night time stories i would very much recommend this series!

In this book Jamie receives numerous love letters from signed "M.P" she thinks they are from new cute teacher Mr.Prince when really they are from trickster and local nick-namer Mike! Also in this book she realises her arch enemy Angeline (perfect and pretty) might turn out to be her bestie! a great book ask for it in your library NOW!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Can You Figure Out What It Is?

Here's a little challenge for everyone, read the story and comment to tell me what you think this  is about, Hint: This is based on a true event.

My legs are shaking I'm telling everyone I'm not scared when really I'm literally jumping out of my seat, I look around people scattered everywhere I hope no-one see's how nervous I probably look. Just when my nerves are getting a little to much a nice lady walks over with a burden in her hand it was like an angel carrying a fire-ball!
The lady told me to relax  it would be better for everyone! It felt like forever but really it took about  thirty seconds and most of it didn't move me.
It is all over. My Body is experiencing a tidal wave of emotions, I'm laughing, I'm upset and angry all at the same time, what about? Well you'll have to figure that out for yourself!

If your still confused here is one more clue: After this I was feeling very tired and my body was aching!

Bare Feet! Shoe-less @ Auroa Primary!

This is a video explaining something that I think is unique to our area and school, Bare feet! Hope you enjoy it! #2014gbc

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Blog of the week!

At our school there is a page in our newsletter for blog of the week, where one student blog and teacher blog is awarded a spot.  It is such an honour as many pupils and their families get to see it!

This week the teacher blog went to Mrs.Ericsson who has an awesome blog, please check out the
link you will not be disappointed! The student blog of the week was ME!  feel free to check out my other posts.  There are also many other great bloggers at our school that you should check out, such as,, Gemma and my brother Jacob to name a few and all the other blog's from our school in rooms 1,2 and 3.  I will keep you posted with many exciting things coming up! (I won't spoil it for you)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Coastal Schools Triathlon!

Coastal Triathalon on PhotoPeach A few students from our school completed this triathlon today, it was an exciting experience!

Coast 2 Coast, almost!

My bike strapped tight onto the back of the car, my togs were on and my sneakers were set up ready to go, yes that's right it's tri time!
Every school was preparing in their own way, some were stretching legs others were snacking for energy as for me, I was jumping out of my skin! I was so nervous I felt I couldn't control my legs they were like jelly! "11 year old individuals to the swimming pool" as soon as I heard that I stripped my shorts and top off and then slipped on my cap and goggles, this was the easy part. "Are you ready?" The marshal asked me, obviously I was not but I answered "yes" anyway.  I felt my legs pounding like I was trying to demolish the water, my arms were spinning I was one massive cyclone. I passed people like I was a car up the highway at least that's what I thought.  After I got out of the pool I scrambled to my bike and before I knew it I was on the road.  I zoomed past people not taking in any of the scenery that surrounded me my eyes were interlocked on the running start line.
As tired as I was, I had to run. I had sustained a good pace the whole way and wasn't going to give it up now.
I sprinted into the blue tent and yelled my name, I felt like the queen of the world!
All in all it was a great day I would definitely do it again
By Emily Forsyth

Athletics Day 2014!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

All About Me!

Kia Ora, I am Emily,
I wonder about my future
I love the sound of laughter
I see people moving, all the time!
I want world peace and forever happiness,
I feel loved.
I touch the sky on my trampoline
I worry about bad things in this world
I understand more than adults think.
I say " life is full of doors you just have to find the keys"
I dream of living in my new house
I try to work hard to achieve results
I hope I have a good future ahead of me!
I want to act on stage
I look forward to fulfilling my dreams
I live in the best place in New Zealand!
Haere rā, I am Emily

Thursday, 6 March 2014

First is always the best!

Mouth dry, Feet hugging the grass, Eyes flashing across the start line, this is what it feels like to be putting everything on the line. Literally. Silence was all I could hear when really hundreds of screams were bombarding me like a storm, I saw a glimpse of my Mum at the finish line I had to go, NOW!  Not a minute too soon, the gun pounded to the beat of my heart, I was an earthquake my feet shaking the ground, and where were my eyes? Staring at the finish line.  I was in the lead but the other competitors were gaining speed, I replayed my Father's words of wisdom in my mind "it's all up to you".  We all crossed the finish line, I had no idea it would be over that quickly, the race was a blur, so much so I had no idea where I had placed!  A women in a bright coloured vest handed me a red stick, a sigh of relief ran down my sweaty face I was so pumped I could have done it again right then and there!  Who ever said "first is always the worst" is very much mistaken!
By Emily

Monday, 3 March 2014

Blackberry Pie Anyone?

I am very lucky where I live. I live in the second house on my grandparents farm, but my dad is not a farmer.  I get to see Nanna and Poppa every day, and get to swim in their pool and play tennis on their tennis court!  But the best part of living where I do is the river out the very back of the farm.  It has a strong current and a little "island' which is private and isolated in a quiet paddock.  In this paddock there is a blackberry bush growing wildly over the far side of the river and what better way to spend your weekend than picking blackberry's.  

There's nothing better than eating blackberry's straight off the bush, just the way nature intended.  My Nanna, little sister and I were dropped off to our spot on the quad bike and while my brother and Poppa carried onto theirs, then we set to work.  It only took us an hour of picking before.... BLACKBERRY PIE!!  Wait a second, it didn't happen quite that fast.  We managed to pick a lot. Then we waited for the boys to come pack from the deeper part of the river, while we were waiting we got a little wet! Once everyone was back together we then went back to Nanna's house to make blackberry pie and Alison Holst would have been jealous!  It was delicious, I can't wait to go BlackBerrying again!

Question for my fellow bloggers: Have you ever tried BlackBerrys? Were they wild or from the supermarket? If so did you like them?