Sunday, 9 March 2014

All About Me!

Kia Ora, I am Emily,
I wonder about my future
I love the sound of laughter
I see people moving, all the time!
I want world peace and forever happiness,
I feel loved.
I touch the sky on my trampoline
I worry about bad things in this world
I understand more than adults think.
I say " life is full of doors you just have to find the keys"
I dream of living in my new house
I try to work hard to achieve results
I hope I have a good future ahead of me!
I want to act on stage
I look forward to fulfilling my dreams
I live in the best place in New Zealand!
Haere rā, I am Emily


  1. Well written Emily. I have no doubt you will have a good future. "Its all up to you".

  2. Thank you very much auntie Jacqui it looks like you read a couple of my posts! Feel free to leave a comment anytime as I always love a bit of feedback