Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Coast 2 Coast, almost!

My bike strapped tight onto the back of the car, my togs were on and my sneakers were set up ready to go, yes that's right it's tri time!
Every school was preparing in their own way, some were stretching legs others were snacking for energy as for me, I was jumping out of my skin! I was so nervous I felt I couldn't control my legs they were like jelly! "11 year old individuals to the swimming pool" as soon as I heard that I stripped my shorts and top off and then slipped on my cap and goggles, this was the easy part. "Are you ready?" The marshal asked me, obviously I was not but I answered "yes" anyway.  I felt my legs pounding like I was trying to demolish the water, my arms were spinning I was one massive cyclone. I passed people like I was a car up the highway at least that's what I thought.  After I got out of the pool I scrambled to my bike and before I knew it I was on the road.  I zoomed past people not taking in any of the scenery that surrounded me my eyes were interlocked on the running start line.
As tired as I was, I had to run. I had sustained a good pace the whole way and wasn't going to give it up now.
I sprinted into the blue tent and yelled my name, I felt like the queen of the world!
All in all it was a great day I would definitely do it again
By Emily Forsyth


  1. Well done Emily, great story too.
    Mrs le Fleming

  2. Thank you very much for the lovely comment Mrs.Le Fleming! I enjoy getting feedback I'm very glad you liked my writing! It was a very fun day thank you for the comment, Emily

  3. Emily
    Really enjoyed reading this. We've spoken before about maybe leaving an extra space of lines after your paragraph so they have more visual space but the structure is great.

    One question I would have from reading the details of the event is how far was the second best finisher after yourself?

    Mr Webb

    1. Thank you for yet another great comment although I didn't win I very much enjoyed the day! Sorry for the confusion I have now changed some of the writing so now I hope it makes sense. Emily