Thursday, 6 March 2014

First is always the best!

Mouth dry, Feet hugging the grass, Eyes flashing across the start line, this is what it feels like to be putting everything on the line. Literally. Silence was all I could hear when really hundreds of screams were bombarding me like a storm, I saw a glimpse of my Mum at the finish line I had to go, NOW!  Not a minute too soon, the gun pounded to the beat of my heart, I was an earthquake my feet shaking the ground, and where were my eyes? Staring at the finish line.  I was in the lead but the other competitors were gaining speed, I replayed my Father's words of wisdom in my mind "it's all up to you".  We all crossed the finish line, I had no idea it would be over that quickly, the race was a blur, so much so I had no idea where I had placed!  A women in a bright coloured vest handed me a red stick, a sigh of relief ran down my sweaty face I was so pumped I could have done it again right then and there!  Who ever said "first is always the worst" is very much mistaken!
By Emily


  1. Emily
    Yet again I need to commend you on your initiative to post so soon after the event. Fantastic creative language to detail the event and talk about your personal experience. I love the line about your fathers word of wisdom and how you used it as a focus.
    Mr Webb and Room One.

    1. Thank you very much for the great comment Mr.Webb. This is so much fun! I love blogging!

  2. "Silence was all I could hear when really hundreds of screams were bombarding me like a storm" This really put an image in my mind. you are really good at making images in words. Nice Job! Please come visit my blog.

  3. Thank you very much for your great I will be sure to check out you blog! Please feel free to leave a comment or check out my newer posts any time
    Emily, Room1, Auroa school, Taranaki, New Zealand