Sunday, 31 August 2014


After reading the title you may have thought that Halloween came early for me well... you're wrong!

The boxes of fluffy miracles sat so peacefully waiting, I could've picked any of them but there was one that caught my eye. She was beautiful. The fullest, fluffiest coat a girl could ever see, her eyes were so big and bold, you could almost see the horizon in them! I had to have her, I picked her up cuddled her tight and said "we're going to be the best of friends" in the softest voice possible.

After selecting my lamb, Boo and I begin preparing for calf and lamb day, Let the fun times commence!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

So Close.... To Us!

An unknown white shape emerged into the clear on the back of a little truck. It was tiny. It also belonged to Scott Donaldson. The barnacles clung to the boat as if it were a part of them, as my eyes scanned the kayak I realised what was in the centre... his gear. His own personal belongings were stashed away in this long lost kayak that almost made history. He was SO close yet so far.  It was a world first expedition, to kayak solo from Australia to New Zealand. It was obviously a challenge for anyone and only a few had tried before and many had failed. The thing that gets me is he was 83km away... so close....yet so far.

I was one of the lucky ones who got to get up close and personal with the most famous kayak I've ever seen. Thanks Scott, your a hero.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Auroa Strikes Again!

Another set of stand-out games were played by Auroa, as they continued to "carve up" the competition we are not surprised.  Eltham must still be jaw-dropped!

Soccer- A no-loss team continues to impress the crowd. Following a 9-0 win against Coastal, Once again Auroa used their ball wisely. Ultimately thrashing Eltham 19-0 was highly worked for in a land-slide victory for the champions! Player Logan said " It was simply a great game!" We agree Logan.

Rugby- Another match made in heaven (pun) for Auroa's rugby boys! Using what their legs were made for and running the ball over the line every single time! Spectators such as Layton said "It was an exhilarating game to watch." What a great game with a great score 75-14.

Netball- Wether it's on the field or court Auroa never fails to disappoint. The girls from Auroa must have been almost walking up the court! Goal after goal Auroa continued to shut Eltham down and continued to run themselves up the scoreboard! Captain Gemma said "It was a very one-sided game, super easy and great work from the girls!" never stopping until the end a whopping score of 48-22.

After Auroa annihilated Eltham, It was fair to say they don't like coming second!

Sunday, 24 August 2014


The bright pink ball raced down the number 8 lane, everyone's eyes pasted like glue 1 pin, 1 pins, 3 pins the round bulldozer knocks them all down "STRIKE!" Mum yells with her hand's in the air, my friends and I brace ourselves... This is going to be a long game.

Now it's my time to catch up I'm four points behind and can easily catch up all I need is four pins, I cross my fingers readjust and... roll. At first it's flying but then I see it's head turning and before I know it it's gone my only hope down the gutter. Literally.

"Anyone up for air hockey?" Gemma asks, I smile, now it's my time to strike!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Playin' Coastal Style!

On a bright 15th of August the teams in orange and blue shone like never before!

Netball was onsided action from Auroa and as always thier offence was as sharp as a tack! Shooting was a pleasure to watch from the very accurate Brylee and wild card Leila.
But defence was another story, the twin towers Gemma and Isabelle pulled passes out of thin air! A fantastic display from Auroa, some work needed from Coastal. A score of 40-9 was well deserved.

Soccer followed the winning streak with goal after goal from the lightning-fast team. Coastal try as they might thier passion and hunger for the ball simply was not enough, a whopping score of 9-0 to the super soccer succeses!

Rugby didn't fail Auroa either! Managing to get as much ball as they could get thier hands on, and kicking till they could kick no more! A blinder of a game with a blinder of a score 57-25 obviously to Auroa.

Once again Auroa never fails to deliver great play on the field and court.

Currency All Around The World!

Here is a slideshow that Meg and I created about our findings, as we have been working on currency in class.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Awesome Angles!

This week in class we were looking at angles, here is a little clip about the most important five angles that I created on educreations.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Big Time Blogger!

Today I thought i'd just let you all know that I have just gone over 7,000 page-views! Thank you all so much for leaving your positive feed-back and checking out my work, I thank you so much for your support.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

It's good to be a Kiwi... Fruit!

The cave of vines surrounded us, our bags rustled as we scanned the rows for gorgeous, green gold. The sun was dropping slowly, I was in heaven!

Today we were lucky enough to go kiwifruit picking at our neighbour's kiwi-fruit farm, after previously selling their goods, the family business decided it was time for the vines to have a rest - commercially speaking!  So they invited us to pick and take as many as we wanted! (lucky us)
And so it got me thinking, I don't really know much about kiwifruit so I decided to find out some more....

 Some people overseas call it "kiwi"

The kiwifruit or Chinese gooseberry (often shortened to kiwi), is the edible berry of a woody vine in the genus actinide  

It has a fibrous, dull greenish-brown skin and bright green or golden flesh with rows of tiny, black, edible seeds. The fruit has a soft texture and a sweet but unique flavor, and today is a commercial crop in several countries, such as Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Greece and France.
Cultivation of the fuzzy kiwifruit spread from China in the early 20th century to New Zealand where the first commercial plantings occurred. The fruit was called "yang tao" but was changed to "Chinese gooseberry" by the New Zealanders.

It proved popular with American servicemen in New Zealand during World War II. Because of this the fruit was exported to California using the names "Chinese gooseberry" and "melonette". Because the California based importer rejected these names the fruit was re-branded "kiwifruit" after the kiwi(bird) as the bird and the fruit share a similar appearance and both are associated with New Zealand.

Here is a slideshow with a few photo's to help explain my wonderful experience!

Sunday, 3 August 2014


A few days ago I entered my story for the Elsie Locke writing prize. The theme is water, I hope you enjoy my story and please feel free to give me some feedback about what I could work on or what you liked about it. Wish me luck for the competition!

Life giver or life taker which was it to be? As I lie under the car, the metal pushed up against my back. The hot sun’s beating down on me, every time I see a cloud appear out of the endless blue sky I wish for rain - let it rain.

From night to day, from dusk to dawn, not a drop falls on the desert floor. I am stuck and I’m all alone. It was a second, then a minute, an hour and then… a day!

 I can barely remember the image, my hands clutching the steering wheel, my foot wandering off the gas, my eyes drift close and life as I know it slowly disappears but what’s about to happen next is rather obvious… so here I am. Barely surviving, my eyes roll back and all I  see is the sun beating down, one ray after another, Oh fragile humanity!  I think of my family, back home worried sick, I think of the possibility of death. I wish for water. My already thin body is fading, my throat is dry like chalk, my eyes are itchy and sore. My lips are the desert. I want to sleep but fear overrules me. Scared of the consequence, what will happen?  

Night falls and the desert grows cold. The swallowing black darkness engulfs me. All I can hear are the grains of sand rustling against each other. If only I knew what is going to happen tomorrow. All I know is that I’m going to be thirsty. Very thirsty.

I wake up and the sun is not as painstakingly warm as yesterday, maybe a sand storm is coming? Suddenly I feel something. A shiver travels down my spine like quick lighting. Is it a snake?  I’m too afraid to look, if this cruel animal swallows me whole it’ll be doing me a favour at least it’s a quick death. Dying from thirst is far worse. A slow and painful death.

One drop, two drops, pitter patter, three drops, four. My palm reaches over; and I lick my fingers. I savour the momentous taste, my tongue worms around trying to catch the sky’s tear, its taste, Oh sweet water! How am I meant to treasure this beautiful liquid? My brain slowly flickers, pitter patter, the drops are so distracting. They are bathing me for the first time in two days. Then when I’ve almost forgotten what I’m doing… It hits me head-on, why hadn’t I thought of this before? It’s so extremely obvious! I begin to dig.

I dig and dig until my hands turn brown, I dig and dig until my hands are numb, I dig as the rain continues to pour, bigger drops, louder drops, heavier drops they begin to fill my watering hole. My throat begins to quiver with excitement; I search around the car, I find a travelling mug, I dip the cup into the hole and take one great gorgeous gulp. My legs tense, my arms are wiggling free.  The water trench surrounds me, like a stream I burst my banks. Oh wondrous joy!

I gather my things out of reach for so long.  But as I run into the pouring rain I know there is one more thing I must do. I grab the mug fill it to the brim close the lid, and begin to write: Drink me, I am the world’s most wanted yet forgotten resource I am help, I am survival. DRINK ME.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Emily's E-mazing Website- Audio Boo

Here is my audio Mihi on this great and easy website called Audioboo. I highly recommend you use this website, oh and I hope you enjoy my Mihi!