Monday, 25 August 2014

Auroa Strikes Again!

Another set of stand-out games were played by Auroa, as they continued to "carve up" the competition we are not surprised.  Eltham must still be jaw-dropped!

Soccer- A no-loss team continues to impress the crowd. Following a 9-0 win against Coastal, Once again Auroa used their ball wisely. Ultimately thrashing Eltham 19-0 was highly worked for in a land-slide victory for the champions! Player Logan said " It was simply a great game!" We agree Logan.

Rugby- Another match made in heaven (pun) for Auroa's rugby boys! Using what their legs were made for and running the ball over the line every single time! Spectators such as Layton said "It was an exhilarating game to watch." What a great game with a great score 75-14.

Netball- Wether it's on the field or court Auroa never fails to disappoint. The girls from Auroa must have been almost walking up the court! Goal after goal Auroa continued to shut Eltham down and continued to run themselves up the scoreboard! Captain Gemma said "It was a very one-sided game, super easy and great work from the girls!" never stopping until the end a whopping score of 48-22.

After Auroa annihilated Eltham, It was fair to say they don't like coming second!

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