Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Playin' Coastal Style!

On a bright 15th of August the teams in orange and blue shone like never before!

Netball was onsided action from Auroa and as always thier offence was as sharp as a tack! Shooting was a pleasure to watch from the very accurate Brylee and wild card Leila.
But defence was another story, the twin towers Gemma and Isabelle pulled passes out of thin air! A fantastic display from Auroa, some work needed from Coastal. A score of 40-9 was well deserved.

Soccer followed the winning streak with goal after goal from the lightning-fast team. Coastal try as they might thier passion and hunger for the ball simply was not enough, a whopping score of 9-0 to the super soccer succeses!

Rugby didn't fail Auroa either! Managing to get as much ball as they could get thier hands on, and kicking till they could kick no more! A blinder of a game with a blinder of a score 57-25 obviously to Auroa.

Once again Auroa never fails to deliver great play on the field and court.

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