Friday, 21 March 2014

Emily's E-mazing Top Read!

 Title: Am I The Princess Or The Frog?
 Author: Jim Benton
 Publisher: Scholastic

About the series:
Jamie Kelly, drama queen, best friend, daughter, regular middle-school student with edge! Join Jamie and her best friend Isabella as they tackle the problems of middle-school such as: best friends, worst friends, boyfriends, lunch ladies, math class and even the odd cute teacher once in a while! i have only read the first 3 books but i am hunting the library for more! the series are funny, light, easy-reads that are enjoyable night time stories i would very much recommend this series!

In this book Jamie receives numerous love letters from signed "M.P" she thinks they are from new cute teacher Mr.Prince when really they are from trickster and local nick-namer Mike! Also in this book she realises her arch enemy Angeline (perfect and pretty) might turn out to be her bestie! a great book ask for it in your library NOW!


  1. Wow! Sounds like a great book Emily just by reading your summary i think i may read it one day. Your blog is looking great
    Gemma rm1 auroa school taranaki

  2. Thank you for the great comment Gemma! Your blog is looking great too! Emily,Room1,Auroa School