Sunday, 30 November 2014

New Zealand at it's best!

In the weekend....
Normally I would have said "chilled at home" but not this week! last weekend I had the privilege of seeing my country at it's best and I saw it all in a little place called Queenstown.

If you think that where I live I'm pretty lucky because of the mountain sea and nice weather wait till you see some of the pictures from Queenstown! Honestly it is amazing down there and I enjoyed myself so much. Weather your sailing the TSS Earnslaw or taking a ride on the fast and famous Shotover Jet your always having a good time. Overseas readers if your looking for a holiday destination, this it the place to unwind and enjoy. Here are some pictures of the action packed four days I had... BUT before you go please leave me a comment below telling me what you think is so beautiful about YOUR country as I would like to know also if you email me a picture of your country at it's best I will be sure to post it and show all my friends!

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