Sunday, 16 November 2014

Once upon a DISCO!

A Magical bunch!
The lights were bright as we stepped in all of the students faces were masked in beautiful, wacky and weird costumes, DJ Bloor was spinning the newest and hottest tunes. It was perfect all we needed was some dancing and as long as the music kept playing we would just be fine!
But after many dangerous dance moves from our teachers! I began to realise that this was the last primary school disco that I would attend (sob, sob) So I picked up my dancing skills and had a crack at the limbo! Unfortunately I did NOT win (twist ending!) but I did have a very good time here are some photos to prove this.

Here is my question to you readers: Do you have a disco at your school? Do you dance your socks off?! If so please leave me a comment replying to this question.

The Seniors!

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