Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Night At The Opera!

The Curtain rose as the stage roared to life, excitement was among the audience as the lights dimmed, we took our front row seats and got ready for the show of a life-time!

One of the biggest musicals of all time had finally arrived at my home town! So it didn't surprise me that every show was a sell out. We were right in front of the action - so close you could almost touch them! The theme song silenced the crowd as a famous mask moved in the shadows "In Sleep he sang to me..." the orchestra boomed in time to the music a firecracker set off and the famous lot 666 chandelier rose to the ceiling my stomach churned, was being this close to that horrid face such a good thing?

I was mesmerised by the stage presence and the story, I almost fell off my chair trying to find out what would happen next! Then the sweet-heart Raoul appeared into the smoke to save his beautiful and hypnotised Christine "Christine, Christine" the phantom called from behind the mirror.
Here comes my favourite part - the masquerade. At the top of the stairs then BANG he was back at the famous box 5, the crowd could feel the phantom's desire for him to be Christine's lover. I was very taken aback with how different the language and vocabulary used to be back when the opera was written.

We walked out side into the eleven o'clock darkness, nothing but a few flickering streetlights kept the city alive. For some reason I found myself looking around for that man in the mask...

Here's A Picture of me outside the showplace before we saw "The Phantom Of The Opera" This is definitely the highlight of my holidays!


  1. Emily
    Yet again I want to congratulate you on another fantastic post. Great to see you writing about your experiences from the holiday. I've mentioned in the past about your being more direct with your writing and recount writing. This is a superb example of this. I've also watched your audience continue to develop - 18 comments for your previous post is outstanding. I've also found another link for you to have a look at from a teacher which is:
    Who you spoke to last term. Shortly most of the Northern Hemisphere, who are on holidays at the moment will be back online. I would anticipate then your audience will go through the roof.
    Mr Webb

    1. Thank you very much for the amazing comment, Mr.Webb, Emily.