Thursday, 31 July 2014

Some Instructions For YOU!

How To Make A Drinking Jar.

Prices: Tape $8, spray paint $13, straws $5, varnish $9.
Goal: to successfully make a drinking jar.
Equipment: a jar, nail, hammer, masking tape, spray paint, drinking straw.

Step 1- Clean the label and dry so the jar is completely clear.

Step 2- Nail a hole using your hammer into the centre of the lid.

Step 3- Create a pattern using the masking tape i.e spots, stripes

Step 4- Use your spray paint to give the jar some colour, spray the entire thing so when you peel off the masking tape your pattern is clean.

Step 5- Once dry, peel off the masking tape. This should reveal the pattern you made.

Step 6- Spray one full coat of varnish to keep the colour nice and bold.

Step 7- Wash your jar so it’s safe to drink out of.

Step 8- Add your straw through the hole made in the middle of the lid.

Step 9- Fill with your favourite beverage and enjoy!

I hope these steps helps you design your very own Drinking Jar!

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