Sunday, 29 June 2014

Robo Regionals 2014!

Robo Cup 2014 on PhotoPeach My Saturday morning started with a sleep in the car and a shower of nerves, our many weeks of preparing had finally led up to this. If you have been following my teacher's blog Mr. Webb you would have heard about our school's robotics program. This year my two friends Isabelle and Alice and I were determined to do well at junior robo cup 2014, but it hadn't started off very well as our robots went all wrong at the school dress rehearsal, the day before, so we were especially nervous for today.

The Poi princesses (our team name), yes that's a mouthful alright but if you're a kiwi you'll know the song "Poi E" but for us it was our theme.  We had two poi dancer robots and a haka bot, our many, MANY hours of programming and long gruelling problem solving was well worth the wait as our performance went strikingly perfect, we were so proud. You know what they say "win some, lose some" It may have gone all wrong at the dress rehearsal but it really did pay off at regionals. 

We placed 2nd for junior theatre section and also won the audience favourite vote! We walked out of that hall with big grins, our robots and our trophy, followed closely behind me was my brother and his group with a 3rd place badge each, (not too bad for their first go, and only being year 6 students!) Finally my butterflies had escaped, I was overjoyed not just for us, but for the whole school.  We did Mr. Chittenden proud and we also help to fill the schools' trophy cabinet too!


  1. Emily
    This is a great recount of this event and you did do extremely well with your performance, we have some images from the day that we could include with your post. Really detailed recount which really explains the whole day, perhaps you could hyperlink to the Robocup Site, but otherwise this is a great job.
    Mr Webb

    1. Thank you for your valued feedback, Emily

  2. Well done Emily, It looks like you were well prepared and had a great day.
    Merry Beau

  3. Good work Emily. Just like they will be alright on the night.

  4. good work it looks like you had alot of fun here is a link to my blog if you want to check it out