Monday, 9 June 2014


The sounds of drills pierce the air and my eyes squirm under the blinding light that shines in my face, Everyone is starring at me I feel so awkward and I SO badly want to run from the surprisingly comfy chair! But if I move I might end up with wire where wire shouldn't be...............................................

"Sit still Emily, your doing great" Yeah easy for you to say, I thought.
my mouth is the Sahara desert, soaking up any water left, oh how I cannot wait to get out of this chair! Not a moment too soon, my legs for some strange reason are aching more than my teeth! The mirror swipes past me and I get a glimpse of my baby blue braces (see that alliteration!) This is a moment that I will never forget, a painful smile appears on my face with dimples intact, Betty asks "how is it feeling?" I answer quietly "grweast" to translate that for you I said "great" as my voice has been altered for a while.

A quick change forms in my mouth, it feels heavy like well.... having metal on your teeth! The hardest part afterwards was trying to find something that wasn't to hard, to chewy, too sweet or too crunchy! What could be better than frozen yogurt, a sweet cold treat that filled me right up! On the journey home the pain really kicked in, it was like having little people stabbing my gum! But never fear the Colgate pack is here!

I received a little pack with everything from A-Z to treat my new metal mouth such as: Wax to act like a "cover" over the sore brace, a toothbrush suited for my braces of course, toothpaste and dental floss, mouth wash and last but not least my flossy helpers! Which look like a plastic needle and helps get the floss under the wire. It will definitely come in handy from time-to-time.

Throughout the day my mouth adjusted and my talking improved, hopefully one day I will look in the mirror and see nothing but.... STRAIGHT!

If anyone has any questions about the process or my actual experience feel free to comment and tell me what you think


  1. Looking good. The pain is temporary, straight teeth are forever.

    1. Ha funny, looks like you've been reading some of my other posts! Emily