Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Shadow - A fictional story

The street lights were dimmed, no-one was about and the wind was howling in the light of the moon. The bush rustled, my stomach churned at the thought of me being kidnapped, there was a little voice in my head saying I should have stayed home tonight.

How did I get here anyway? In the crisp light of a Saturday morning a poster had appeared in my hands as if by magic, I know what your thinking, this girls lying, but seriously it just floated into my palms. I read it aloud, slowly and cautiously "FRIDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS!" That didn't sound like me at all, I was a wimp but as soon as I was going to screw the paper up the local "cool girl" Amelia Robinson stood in front of me with a daring grin on her face. "Oh no" I thought. "So are you going?" Amelia baffled smartly, "yeah sure, I love horrors!" I lied enthusiastically "Great see you there" she replied sweetly.  OMG Mya are you thick?  Do you know what you just got yourself into?

Next thing I knew I was at the grand Friday night frights. I immediately took in my surroundings, a big black grim reaper greeted me, I already hated this. Amelia was surrounded by her giggling posse, my stomach shook.  I was pushed inside with the crowd and before I knew it a malicious clown appeared onto the screen, I figured this guy was the main character.  After about an hour, everyone clapped and I was now pushed along with people eager and ready to go visit a graveyard or something.  I peered at my watch 3:29am, I was WAY past my curfew but didn't care as I wanted to get home with my guts in tact, as I felt terrible!

Now I was outside and s-hh-v-i-rr-ing  my skin off! I heard a crash and saw a blurring shape flash across the streets.  You'll never believe what happened but it flew right past me, "No" I whispered, the fluffy hair, the dotty nose and that powdery face - was it? No, I thought, it can't be.

If you think you know what the shape Mya saw was, leave me a comment below!


  1. Hi Emily!
    I think the answer is either a ware wolf, a Ghost, a abominable yeti, a shadow or just a dog.
    Let me know if i got it right at school.

  2. Michael
    I also enjoyed Emilys writing. I think that we can discount a yeti, wolf or dog as they are physical animals or creatures and they would have knocked her down. So I think that the answer would have to be a ghost, but actually a shadow is a better answer I think that fits more with the writing because there it fits with the writing better.
    Mr Webb

  3. Hi Emily,
    I am one of the teachers that was in on the skype call this afternoon to California. Great job on your narrative writing! I loved all of the descriptive words you used and how you really brought your reader into the story.
    My guess... A white spotted owl? I can't wait to find out what it is! Thanks for sharing this great story.


    Mrs. Adams
    Liberty Elementary
    Tulare, California