Friday, 6 June 2014

The Wild, Wild West Is Coming To Auroa!

Anybody who knows me knows I love a good time, and what better way to bring your school together than with a disco!

Since around 2006 our school has been holding a couple of disco's each year and in the past 2 years these disco's have been themed which adds a twist to the fun of it.

I always love seeing the funky costume's people are wearing and it's a great way to relax after a long week of school-work, it's awesome to see everyone busting a move and enjoying the music (even the teachers!)

This year our first disco is coming up at the end of the month, and the theme is 'The Wild, Wild West!' A chance for our students to show their inner wild west side, oh and I previously forgot to mention that our student council runs these great nights as a fundraiser for our yet to be decided big project but we aren't in it just for the cash we also LOVE to party! With flyers up around the school and word-of-mouth getting around hopefully we'll have a great crowd! Wish us the best of luck, I will update you after the event on the 27th of June (21 days away!)

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  1. Dear Emily,
    Great blog post! It seems that you are very happy about this event. What do you think of the idea of your school to have a little party? When you get a chance please vist Claire creations.

    1. Hi Claire! Thank you for visiting my blog, I do really look forward to events like this! I will definitely leave a comment on your blog, feel free to come and visit anytime, Emily