Sunday, 27 April 2014

Face To Face...... Finally!

After a long wait she is finally here!
Sorry guys you probably have no idea what I'm going on about! Well, you may have seen some of my comments with the name "Jacqui" this is the name of my fabulous Aunty who is very proud to call Hamilton her home, we haven't seen her for quite a while and we just couldn't wait!

While she was here some of the things we got up to were........ Mushroom picking, fencing and quality family time! I have enjoyed her coming to stay and can honestly say I don't want her to leave, so now if you see her name online, you know who she is!

If you're having a great holiday and would love to share your holiday experience, send me a photo at  but if your NOT on holiday still send me a photo and show me what you've been up to in the classroom or in your spare time, my favourite photo's will be published onto my blog with a caption and your recognition.
Get Snapping!

Here's my submission!


  1. Hi! Emily
    Love your smiling faces with your Aunty! Very precious.
    We did have a great time over the weekend!
    Happy holidays! Have fun! Keep safe everyone.

  2. Thank you Emily, that blog is very special. Luckily I am back on Saturday so we can spend some more time together.