Wednesday, 9 April 2014


It helps grow the plants in your garden, it keeps us alive , life as we know it wouldn't exist without it... WATER!

I hear it pounding on the roof, it's a small miracle at least I know I'm safe and warm in my cosy bed. I imagine the grass lapping up the raindrops like thirsty dogs. It has been weeks since the farmers have woken to rain, while I enjoy hot sunny weather it will be nice not having to worry about dust storms! Now that we have had the rain I can finally say autumn weather has begun.
The grass will finally be green again!

The first picture is of our beautiful sunset taken last weekend....... and now my new photo of our ugly miserable weather that has ended our dreaded drought!


  1. Emily
    I know that it might be a bit unfortunate that we are having rain but I think that it is positive that the grass needs it. Its rained here in Singapore last night, it rained once last week and then before that there wasn't any rain for 45 days. So hopefully it will be nice and sunny tomorrow.
    Mr Webb

    1. Thank you for the Comment Mr.Webb, nice weather would be great too! Emily