Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nothing Like Netty!

Wake up, the dawn is perfect, my eyes blur to the sight of my uniform and sneakers "YES!" I think to myself I was so excited first game of the season was going to be a great one.

Our freakishly tall team arrived at the scene and saw 6 courts taken over by teams in multi colours and whistle's blowing everywhere!  It was such a new experience for me the biggest league I've ever played in is about 5 to 10 teams, this league offered a challenge for our team, and I was so ready for it!

"Auroa to court three start time 10 minutes" We warmed up eyeing up our competitors, we could hear their whispers "wow they're tall" with eyes widened, and before we knew it, it was game time.

I was centre, I nodded in Alice's direction she mouthed the words "let's go". The whistle blew I threw the ball with mighty strength and Alice snatched it in biffing it down Isabelle's way she paused below the goal, the crowd grew silent with anticipation she slightly lifted her leg in the air and shot, my fingers crossed, the sound of a swish made me smile "game on" I thought to myself.

The Day couldn't have been better! Even the weather turned out for us.  With teamwork and encouragement we won 31-1 to the Stratford dynamite, a great team with amazing defence that put up an almighty fight and tried their best, thanks for the great game

Do you play a sport that you really enjoy? I would love to hear what you play or do for fitness! Sincerely Emily.

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