Sunday, 13 April 2014

Harvest Time!

There's nothing better than the mind-blowing taste of home-grown food, Pumpkins and Feijoa's even picking them made my mouth water!  First up was the Feijoa's we had just laid netting to flatten the long grass so they were more accessible to grab.

Tip for newbies: NEVER grab Feijoa's off the trees! If they are on the ground this is an indication that they are ready to eat, and boy are they delicious!  We managed to scrape up a couple wheel-barrows full!

After Feijoa Fun we picked as many pumpkins as we could find (just a trailer full!) some of them were huge.  I felt like farmer Joe when I was on Nanna and Poppa's farm and I'm sure a few yummy feasts will follow!

Here is a few pictures about what we got up to......


  1. I hope you saved some feijoas for me! You can have the pumpkins.

  2. Yes we certainly did Jacqui, on the countdown until you come down to the Naki! Emily