Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Run For Results!

All players are staring each other in the eyes, this is game time, I have to play my hardest and maybe that won't even be enough.

Silence. The first whistle blows this is only a trial but I put myself in a game state of mind, this is my team and we must work hard to win.

After only five minutes we are called in to talk about our foot-work and court balance the only thing I focus on is my drink bottle, man am I thirsty!  Before you know it we're back on court and rearing to go I stand like a shield pushing my defence off the line allowing me to make a loud and clear intercept. Perfect. My plan worked she misses the pass, I snatch it in, I'm a hungry tiger, I heave it down the other end of the court, someone passes it to GS she swiftly balances her palms, then, my favourite sound...... The swish of the net.

Congratulations to all those talented girls who trialled, for those who made it in congratulations! And for those who weren't so lucky keep trying, imagine how hard it would have been for those selectors!

Question to everyone:
Have you ever been under pressure? Been so nervous that you want to scream?
Share your story with me, I'd love nothing more but to hear from you!
Sincerely Emily.

*Image- Google search- netball clipart


  1. Emily
    Im pleased that you've posted this and you've done so to your usual high standard however there are some things that I would like clarification on. Meg has posted about trailing for a Coastal Netball team is this what you are writing about? You haven't been specific in your writing and it left me as the reader wondering if your post and her post were related. I think you could have had mode information about the trial.

    With regards to the questions for your audience I thought that this was a clever technique to make people think at the end of your writing. I think that everyone one gets nervous. The most nervous this year I think is going to be when our school goes to the Basketball tournament later in the year because there will be a lot of work and I want to make sure that everything goes right. Probably the other thing that I am nervous about is the MOA awards in late September. I'd like as many members of our class as possible to get recognition for their amazing work.
    Mr Webb

  2. Thanks for the great comment Mr.Webb! Like you said everyone gets nervous once in a while! Hope your holidays are going well. I'm looking forward to the MOA awards too! Emily

  3. Thanks for that Emily - are you able to answer the first part of my question?

  4. Yes this is what I'm writing about! Sorry, Emily