Monday, 19 May 2014

Emily's E-mazing App- Retica

    A couple of nights ago I downloaded a new app on my ipod, called Retrica. This is picture taking app with loads of colour filters and special effects. I decided to test it out at my little sisters basketball game at the event centre in Opunake, Tonight both of the Auroa school year 0 - 2 teams played against each other.  I took some action shots of the game which are then processed into photo groups of nine that go snap, snap, snap, One after the other!   It is a great app and I would certainly recommend it for creative photographers.
Oh and nice basketball game both Auroa teams!!!


  1. Emily
    Im not familiar with Retrica however having seen it I think that it looks to be extremely effective. One thing that you could consider doing is reducing the size of the HTML code for the width so that your image fits within the margins set by your borders. You know how Mr Chittenden likes his balance.
    Mr Webb

    1. Thank you for your feed-back Mr.Webb! I did not know that the images were too big as i used the blogger app on my ipod at the basketball centre and obviously was too careless and did not look at what had happened! Thank you,Emily

  2. Mrs. Essenburg20 May 2014 at 02:50

    Dear Emily,

    Mr. Webb tweeted out your post and I thought I'd stop by and take a look. I like your writing style, it is well organized and energetic. Also, as a teacher, this is very helpful to me. My class is fairly new to blogging and still learning, and I'm looking for ideas to keep them blogging over the summer. We only have three weeks of school left! I want to show them how they can blog about what they're doing over the summer as easily as you did about an after school activity.

    Finally, it looks like a neat app. I might give it a try myself!

    Mrs. Essenburg
    Third Grade Teacher

    1. WOW! Thank you for visiting my blog, this ia a great app and I would love to hear how you get on using this app in your classroom! Thank you for your feed-back feel free to visit anytime, Emily

  3. Dear Emily,
    I like how you told us that new app when I go home today Im going to tell my mom and dad to put that app on their cell phones so thank you for this app idea its great I enjoy looking forward to getting the app so thank you again for this app. From your friend Donovan visit my blog at third grade thinkers Donovans Details.
    From Michigan.