Thursday, 8 May 2014


Silence. Isabelle nods, her eyes low and steady, I hear nothing but the single blow of the whistle a signal that put my arms into flight and my mind-set "GO!"  Isabelle snatches in the pass, a warning to her partner "the ball is MINE!"

The game is moving faster than my feet, a couple slips only made me play harder and the harder I played the more ball we were receiving and you know what they say, the more the merrier.
Half time "already!" I moan I was going so fast i felt like I could not stop! My heart was pumping out of my chest my nerves were all over the court, I couldn't control the winning sensation!

Not a moment too soon, that familiar sound of the whistle blew and before I knew it my legs were a runnin! This time i was wing attack, meaning defence was the aim of the game, my goal to make sure my partner would not get the ball, so I pounded my body with force like thunder, scary and intimidating, and literally pushed my partner to her limits.

After all our players were near at their wits end and we felt like we couldn't play anymore, the final whistle blew and an army of applause pelted down on us, as did the rain! Just in time, now it was time to celebrate our tight score of 24-20 win with a hot chocolate!!

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