Friday, 16 May 2014

What a STAR!!!

Today was a great day for everyone as our school started electives!! A group of very different activities like mad science, ukulele and cupcake decorating just to name a few. The elective I was in you ask? Auroa all stars! A reunited singing band with serious voices that hit all the right notes! I was previously in this group but had so much fun last time I had come back for more! Today we sang our favourite songs into the microphone in front of the others which takes a lot of guts, then we wrote down our goals for the group and ended with smiles around our faces, I am eager to hear more from my talented groupies! Well done guys

Pictures: Google search, singing clip art.


  1. Emily
    I am sure that Mr Bloor will be really pleased to read this post and sounds like your elective is going to be really productive and exciting. One of the things that of course you could do is post last years effort on your blog to show an example of the kind of thing that you are going to produce.
    Mr Webb.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment Mr.Webb, I love this elective so much!

  3. Dear Emily,
    Its me again Abby from Abbys amzing storys. I love you r post. Do you like singing I do? was it you favorite thing to do.

    1. Thankyou once again for giving me the feed-back, yes you are right I absolutley LOVE singing! Emily