Saturday, 24 May 2014

Going Hungry For Malawai!

No chips, no fruit and NO FOOD!

Imagine that! Well for the people of Malawi this is the harsh reality that they are faced with day to day, 20 hours was no skin off their nose! Fuelling their bodies with a rice porridge like mixture, that does NOT give them the nutrition they need to grow and live a life of full potential.

Today I truly felt for the first time how it is to go hungry, it leaves you brain-dead and tired and not very happy at all, this weekend help out Malawi by giving up something you take for granted and help out.


  1. Great idea for a post Emily. There's lots of media about online relating to the Forty Hour Famine, you could have considered hyperlinking it to other sites. The other thing is that sometimes you might need sure that in your explanation that you cover every detail of some events. You have visitors who read your work from all over the world so extra details are sometimes a good thing.
    Mr Webb

    1. Thank you for the feedback Mr.Webb. Emily