Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Today I shared an experience with many other schools, one I will never forget.
The National Young leaders day 2014. The theme was 3D,  no not like your average 3D movie but how and why you should become a leader and bring your flat boring life to 3D! The speakers were,
Jamie Fitzgerald - First New Zealander to reach the South Pole
Angela Swann Cronin- First Maori descendent to Become a Royal New Zealand Air force Pilot
Nakita Turner- Young Singer/Songwriter
Charlie Laumatai- Attitude Presenter
Cam Calkoen- Founder of the Carabiner Mentoring Programme and Para Olympian Athlete.

Every word of very wise wisdom spoken from the mouths of these speakers made me feel incredibly proud of myself and happy to be head girl of my school. It was so emotional that my notebook was full of sentences that they had spoken only to carry over to the next page! I was extremely excited to find out who the next speaker was and always gave them a big Auroa round of applause, to make them feel welcome, because it's so hard to get up there and talk about your past failures and successes. 

A fantastic day that was well spent with my other young leaders!  We woke at an early hour of 6:00am to be on the road by 6.30am but after a fantastic day it was all worth it, seeing your classmates that early in the morning is quite a shock for me! We finished up at about three o'clock but many of us didn't want to leave! Oh and you might have NOT seen up there that we had no special entertainment well yes, we did and boy were they hilarious! The Laughing Samoans were definitely a highlight, they made my friends and I cry with laughter and told the funniest version of "the three little pigs" yet.

 My favourite speaker had to be Cam Calkoen who is just AWESOME! His inspirational words of how he pushed harder and dreamed bigger than anyone else dared to, was amazing and very emotionally inspiring.  He told us that we should try and make a difference and sometimes that involves hard work and dedication.  My favourite message of the day was spoken by Angela Swann Cronin which was "pain lasts a minute, but quitting lasts forever"  Have a look at the slideshow below with a few pictures of the day and if you still want to find out more  click Here


  1. Emily
    This is a great summary of what was a special day. There's a huge amount of relevant detail and I think its incredibly strong that you've hyperlinked the examples from each of the speakers websites/pages.
    Mr Webb

  2. Excellent Emily! We enjoyed reading your post! Really pleased you all had a great day!

    1. Thanks Nanna, It was a great day, Emily

  3. What a great opportunity. Very inspiring speakers.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jacqui, it was a great day, Emily