Sunday, 25 May 2014

Life Up Close.

The Fall Collection-Life Up Close on PhotoPeach

Lately I've been quite interested with photography, when taking lots of photos I came to realise that we as big people don't take in our surroundings as often as we should.  This is a little slideshow of some of the photos that I personally like!  Every season I will be updating my blog with new snaps of my beautiful home town, Opunake.  Leave a comment and tell me what you think!


  1. Emily
    There are some stunning photographs here in the series. This deserves the best audience possible, so with your permission I would like to take this slideshow and embed it into our class page. Wonderful, wonderful images. As part of our Moa Cluster you will have the opportunity to contribute photograph to our awards ceremony. The issue for you is going to be selection of image because you have so many amazing images to chose from. Superb work.
    Mr Webb

  2. Love your blog Emily! Am hoping to get my own students to start their own too soon. Will show them what you've been doing too if that's okay? They might need inspiration :)

    1. I am very pleased that you love my blog! Yes I would be honoured if you used my material, say hi to your students for me! Emily

  3. Hi im Jordy, I like your video because your photograhy is awesome. I love the one of the duck it looks awesome. Bye :)

  4. Dear Emily,
    Beautiful photography! I especially like the photo where you took a mouse eye view of the mushroom.I also liked the photo of the gate. I cant wait to see your next photos!

  5. Hi! Emily. You're pretty handy on the end of the on a camera! Really good post!